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What Makes KaydeeSayfa - The People Behind KaydeeSayfa

As part of our What Makes KaydeeSayfa series we have been speaking to some of our team to give you an insight in to the people behind KaydeeSayfa.

Sean McConnell - Pre-Construction Manager

Sean has been with KaydeeSayfa (previously with Kaydee) for over 20 years. He started out in 2002 travelling to various project sites across the country to identify the project's needs and identify any potential problems that may arise in the future. Fast forward to 2023, Sean is now (usually) office based coordinating with our suppliers, site teams, and clients; to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible.

The introduction of KaydeeSayfa gives space for Sean to really focus on streamlining and supporting the supply chain. The operations team now have a clearer view of projects in the pipeline across all packages. This allows the team to pre-empt any possible problems, and ensure the supply chain is capable of providing a solution, before it can effect the delivery of the project.

Adrian Stutterheim - Testing and Training Manager

Adrian has been with KaydeeSayfa (previously Sayfa Systems) for 16 years. For the majority of this time Adrian has been involved in the installation team and now manages the Training and Testing within the Retest Department. Adrian's role sees him regularly out on site performing system retests. When Adrian isn't on a roof testing, he can be found in the classroom providing training to those who will be using the installed systems.

Adrian sees the creation of KaydeeSayfa as a big plus for the client. During his time with Sayfa Systems and now KaydeeSayfa, Adrian has been involved in almost every aspect of the project process. A key component of Adrian's roles have been interacting with the client for installation and then testing and training. This puts Adrian's focus largely on the client. He believes that KaydeeSayfa improves the way the packages can be secured by the decision makers, without the need to shop around and place their trust in a number of sub-contractors. Now they are able to put their confidence in a trustworthy and experienced provider, with decades of experience, to deliver their package solution.

Rebecca Wilford - Group Finance Manager

Rebecca joined Sayfa Systems in 2012 as an Accounts Assistant. By 2017 she had progressed up to Group Finance Manager. Her role included managing the finances across both Kaydee Light Control Solutions and Sayfa Systems UK. Rebecca has been a constant in a sea of change and has seen both Kaydee and Sayfa grow from strength to strength.

Rebecca sees the KaydeeSayfa Merger as a great stride for both companies. Making way for improved business processes and a clearer path to growth. All in all Rebecca sees long term benefits across the board and is looking forward to what the future holds.

Lazar Delchev - KaydeeSayfa General Manager

Lazar (Larry) has been with KaydeeSayfa (previously Sayfa Systems) for over 6 years. Larry joined Sayfa Systems in the estimating department and quickly worked his way up through the department. After demonstrating his potential as a leader within the estimating department. Larry was put in charge of the Retest department and after excelling in this role he moved up to Group Operations Manager.

Now in the KaydeeSayfa era Larry is General Manager, overseeing all aspects of the company and ensuring that KaydeeSayfa are providing the best service possible for our clients. Larry works to ensure that all departments are working cohesively to ensure project completion.

Aamir Aziz - Retest Sales

Aamir joined Sayfa Systems in 2022 working in New Business Sales for the Retest department. Since joining the team in 2022 Aamir has had a big impact in KaydeeSayfa working hard to provide a comprehensive and quality service for new clients and ensuring that they stay on the correct side of the law when it comes to ensuring safe working practise at height.

Looking to the future Aamir sees KaydeeSayfa as a route to progress for the Retest department. As one of the primary packages that we offer, the compliances testing and training arm of the business is looking to push for further growth under the new banner of a multiple package provider.


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