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Statutory compliance testing and training of height safety and facade access systems. 

KaydeeSayfa provide comprehensive inspection and testing of all height safety and access equipment such as guardrails, safety lines and abseil systems to ensure they meet regulations and are safe to use.

We also  provide hands on training to your employees on how to work at, and access areas of height safely. Our trainers are LEEA trained and experts in height safety products.

Testing of height safety equipment every 6-12 months is a legal requirement.

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General Catalogue

A collection of all the services we offer.

Handrail guardrail.jpg

Guardrail Inspection

Inspection and testing of Guardrail & Handrail

Walkway Stadium.JPG

Walkway Inspection

Inspection of Walkway

Hooped Ladder.jpg

Ladder Inspection

Inspection of Ladders & Stepovers

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Abseil Post Testing

LOLER and Inspection of Abseil Posts

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Davit System Testing

LOLER Testing and Inspection of Davit Systems

Froomsgate - Raptor Rail - 3.png

Abseil Rail Testing

LOLER Testing and Inspection of Abseil Rail Systems

Safety Line - Standing Seam (1)_edited.jpg

Safety Line Testing

Testing and Inspection of Safety Line systems


Sayfa Testing and Training offer compliance testing, safety inspections and training to ensure you stay compliant and people stay safe when working and accessing areas of height.

Safety at height requires a multi step approach, the statutory testing of the equipment is a legal requirement and important to ensure critically important equipment is safe to use. 

User training is equally as important - having safe equipment is not enough, the person using the equipment needs to be trained to use the system properly and safely.

The final step is remedial works and maintenance - as installers of the system we're qualified and experienced to make changes, perform maintenance and remedial works to height safety systems.


Our concept of Thinking Ahead comes into play here - where we analyse the requirements in detail and design the best solution for the project. Our in house design team work together with you to identify the best system and design the implementation to safely access all areas of the roof.


We aim to identify any potential risks from sourcing to final install during this stage for smooth final delivery.


Safety Ladders

Safety ladders come in different variants, such as safety line ladders which users can clip on with the harness - the safety line ladder can arrest a potential fall, improving user safety.

Access Walkway

Walkways provide safe and level walking platform across the roof - it is useful on roof with a pitch or seams as it prevents trips and slips and guides the user along a determined path. 


Stepovers are essential to safely move around equipment on the roof such as pipes, wiring or air ducts. Stepovers allow the user to safely navigate over these without harm to the user or equipment.

Safety Line Systems

Roof safety line is a fall restraint or arrest system that prevents users getting close to the edge. Regulation requires roof safety lines to be inspected for safety at least once every 12 months.

Abseil Systems

Abseil systems are typically used to provide safe access to all areas of the building façade for cleaning, maintenance and inspection. It is a requirement to have abseil systems LOLER inspected at least every 6 months.

All safety equipment needs, by law, regular inspection and maintenance. Stay compliant and legal by ensuring all your inspection and testing is done on time, by qualified people. 

Regular testing keeps intact the product warranty and also meets requirements of most insurance providers.

Get in touch now to book your retest and certification.

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