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Introducing KaydeeSayfa: Trusted to perform

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

At KaydeeSayfa we work in close partnership with leading UK contractors to provide multiple construction packages under one sub-contractor. We're a proven sub-contractor with 35+ years of experience in the sourcing, design and installation of specialist construction packages. Our combined team of experts design, specify, and deliver in a more efficient and cost-effective way to benefit our clients and their project success.

Why KaydeeSayfa?

KaydeeSayfa was created to improve the contractor experience - creating one point of contact for main contractors. KaydeeSayfa will be able to provide experienced design, sourcing, surveying, project management, and installation services for a range of construction packages.

Choosing KaydeeSayfa, for your package solutions, will provide your teams with the administrative benefits and advantages of dealing with one credible & responsible business. In addition to giving you access to an experienced team of experts and a supply chain that extends across the world.

What is changing?

The majority of how you experience the Kaydee and Sayfa teams will remain the same. This merger aims to simplify the process, for you as our client, when searching for an experienced and dependable subcontractor for your construction packages.

The changes, will come into effect on the 1st of January. Kaydee Light Control Solutions Ltd will acquire Sayfa Systems UK ltd and be renamed to KaydeeSayfa Ltd. The company number will be the original Kaydee No.08509810. From the 1st of January, our existing staff will begin operating under a new internal structure. These changes will aim to create more consistent and collaborative communication between departments. The merger will look to utilise and strengthen pre-existing relationships between colleagues from both companies. These bonds have grown over the years, as a result of the two businesses working in the same office since 2018. As the client you will benefit from the additional knowledge, support and capability of our combined team.

How will this affect me as a existing customer/client?

We hope that this merger will only benefit our current and future clients. As a customer you will still receive the same level of service and professionalism as before, with the same names and faces you have come to be familiar with.

The ultimate benefit to you as a client is spending less time and effort searching for & managing multiple specialist construction package providers for your projects.

Please note: All live projects will be completed in line with current agreements by the combined entity.

Who is Kaydee Light Control Solutions?

Kaydee, founded in 1985, provides: surveying, sourcing, and installation services of blinds, curtains, and external light control fittings for commercial construction/refurbishment projects. Over their 35+ years in the industry Kaydee has worked on some of the largest construction projects in the UK with general project values ranging from £10k to £2.5 Million. For more information visit the Kaydee Website.

Who is Sayfa Systems?

Sayfa Systems, founded in 2005, provides design, sourcing, and installation services of height safety and fall protection systems for commercial projects. Sayfa Systems specialise in Roof Safety, Height Access, and Fall protection systems such as Safety Line and Abseil posts/davits. Sayfa Systems and Kaydee have been sister companies since 2017 and since have been operating out of the same office building in Shepshed, Loughborough. For more information visit Sayfa Systems.

View our official announcement letter here.


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