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A wide range of facade access solutions for commercial projects - including davits systems, abseil rail, abseil posts and more.

The facade access systems are an essential part of any new building - facade access systems provide safe access to all areas of the building facade for cleaning, maintenance and inspection. 

KaydeeSayfa are experts in the sourcing, design and install of a wide range of facade access systems.

We provide the full package from sourcing product to surveying, design and then install, with comprehensive maintenance and testing service post installation and building handover.

Façade Access


Over the years we have developed reliable supply chain partnerships with local and international suppliers who are experts in facade access systems. 


Giving us the unique ability to source products that meet building specification and design requirements, systems that are safe, practical and seamlessly blend into the building architecture.


Our concept of Thinking Ahead comes into play here - where we analyse the requirements in detail and design the best solution for the project. Our in house design team work together with you to identify the best system and design the implementation to safely access all areas of the facade.


We aim to identify any potential risks from sourcing to final install during this stage for smooth final delivery.


Implementing our plan - our install teams will visit the site with a detailed plan, installing the products accurately and safely. our 35+ years of experience in install, helps us deliver on time.


It doesn't end here - we have a maintenance and testing service which performs statutory testing of these systems after install or after building handover.

Davits In Use

Davit System

Davit arm system normally involves installing multiple davit bases near the edge of the building - Davit arms are then installed when access is required.

Abseil Rail

Abseil Rail provide continuous, uninterrupted access along the building facade. Abseil Rails can blend in with the building architecture as well.

Abseil Posts

Similar to the Davit system, abseil posts also provide access through multiple bases along the building edge. Abseil post system requires a compliant parapet to function.

KaydeeSayfa are a proven sub-contractor with extensive experience in the sourcing, design and installation of specialist construction packages.

We're experts in delivering the facade access package for your project. Sourcing high quality products both locally and internationally using our reliable supply chain and delivering on time, on budget.

Get in touch with us to get a quote for the facade access package. Add us to your supply chain for pricing on other packages across your project.

Abseil rail
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