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History of Kaydee & Sayfa - since 1985

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The coming together of a Height Safety Company and a Commercial blinds company seems an odd combination, but to us at KaydeeSayfa, it makes sense. In fact it’s been a long time coming.

KaydeeSayfa Shared History

Since their founding in 1985 and 2005 respectively, Kaydee LCS and Sayfa Systems have been providing reliable & premium services to the construction industry. Up until now the two companies have operated on their own individual projects working at both ends of the project lifetime. Delivering on time and on budget for our customers.

Kaydee History

Kaydee was founded in Derby, in 1985 with the aim to supply and install high quality blinds for a range of commercial projects.

Over the past 35+ years the Kaydee team has grown, and is now a diverse powerhouse of specialist: area managers, estimators, product designers, contract managers, and surveyors. Having a diverse in-house team, improves the capacity to work on projects ranging from: small scale schools to large scale high rise developments.

This wealth of experience ensures projects are managed effectively and problems are solved professionally. To date, the largest Kaydee project came in 2021, valued at £2.5 Million. Which involved sourcing and fitting over 3,000 blinds as part of an Overall £1 Billion construction project.

Sayfa History

Sayfa Systems was founded in 2005, to meet the need for providing fall protection/restraint/arrest solutions for those working at height. Sayfa Systems started out by providing fall protection at all levels from soft landing solutions, crash decking to height safety systems such as safety line, eyebolts, handrail, and abseil posts/davits.

Sayfa Systems then focused on design and implementation of height safety systems and roof safety/access systems. With an experienced in-house design team

In the construction industry it is becoming more and more difficult to predict what/how global and local events will affect the supply chain and project delivery.

In March 2022, the idea was born that Kaydee and Sayfa, both managing the sourcing, surveying/design, scheduling, and installation of their respective products, Should combine their experience, people and supply chains to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for clients. Combining to become a specialist construction package provider. Delivering safely, efficiently and on budget for our customers.

To learn more about KaydeeSayfa read our official announcement page or get in touch with a member of our team.


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