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One Company, Multiple packages

Updated: Jan 17

Why do we offer more than one construction package? How does it benefit our customers?

Multiple packages In January 2023, through a merger of 2 companies we created a specialist team that can deliver multiple construction packages for the industry. The combined experience of 50+ years and the strength and expertise of individuals within each company was key to allow us to offer a range of construction solutions:

  • Window Blinds

  • Curtains

  • External Shading

  • Facade Access

  • Height Access

  • Height Safety

  • Maintenance

One Company

Dealing with one company is efficient for customers, with KaydeeSayfa there is just one set of accounts, agreements and one company to add on to your supply chain systems - this reduces complications and admin time for customers. More than one package can also be added as a variation order making the process much simpler. Improved communication, with just one number to ring is simple and efficient for your project management team. One point of contact for multiple solutions. It also allows our team to get better insight of your project, as we’re involved earlier and at various touch points allowing us to deliver better solutions and allow more flexibility to meet deadlines.

Multiple packages is more efficient for our teams as well and we pass that on to customers that go for more than one package.

Quality and Reliability

We've completed projects on time and on budget for over 35 years - customers can expect quality from the first point of contact to project completion, across all solutions and packages.

The products we source, project management, technical advice and installation on site is done to our ‘One Standard’. It doesn’t end there, our post install team helps with quality assurance and future maintenance and compliance checks, creating a dedicated point of contact for support even after the install is completed for both customers and end users.

This is why many customers chose to go with us for more than one construction package last year. They valued the efficiency of dealing with One Company, The reliability of an experienced contractor and the difference good communication and simpler processes can make in a construction project.

Get a quote for you project today - email us on or call us on 01509 502 155.

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