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White City, London - "Rise of White City Living"

The Cassini Tower is one of the latest additions in the Berkeley group complex's "White City Living" scheme which incorporates an array of luxury living apartments, peaceful green spaces and office buildings to create a focal point of regeneration in central London.

The KaydeeSayfa team were brought on to the project in 2018 to provide shading solutions for three of the new developments in this complex; The Cassini Tower and the neighbouring Cascades 1 & 2. The team were responsible for assisting with the surveying, sourcing, installing, and commissioning of over 2700 systems across the three blocks totalling 74 storeys.

The development's defining feature is the curved façade of the Cassini Tower. The distinctive curvature, likely inspired by the Cassini–Huygens mission around Saturn, required a special solution in order to provide suitable coverage of the window. To accommodate this design the systems needed to be "banded" together in order to fit across each window. "Banding" the systems means connecting the individual systems to form a continuous blind which can be controlled from one point. A key benefit of using this system, in this case, is that the operating mechanism can be situated at the side of the window. This means there is no chain obstructing the residents view of the London Skyline.

Solutions like these are a product of the years of experience within our surveying and technical team. These solutions are then made a reality by our sourcing and installation teams all of whom worked together to provide the ideal solutions for our clients.

The KaydeeSayfa team continue to work hard to achieve project completion by providing effective solutions for our clients. Through the utilisation of our expansive and long established supply chain we are able to produce a number of bespoke solutions for all our packages. If you would like to work with a package provider you can rely on, send us your project details or add KaydeeSayfa to your Supply Chain email us at or visit our Contact Us page.


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