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Source, Survey, Design and Install

Updated: Mar 11

The complete solution - This 4 step process allows us to deliver a wide range of packages, on time and on budget.

kaydeesayfa construction services

Sourcing the product:

We’ve developed partnerships with reliable suppliers over the past 35 years, which has allowed our procurement team, to gain priority access to specified and value engineered solutions from reputable suppliers. Working with KaydeeSayfa puts your project in an ideal position to benefit from a diverse range of products and solutions with on-time delivery, product flexibility and sustainable options for a positive impact on the environment.

Surveying the Site:

Our dedicated team of Surveyors and Pre-construction managers combine drawings with on-site surveys, to provide a detailed review of a project's requirements. These site surveys allow the team to paint a clearer picture of the Project's needs and inform the procurements and installation teams. This reduces the risk of hurdles and unforeseen complication further down the project timeline. Working on multiple packages, allows our survey teams to access a project at a much earlier stage than typical providers. Giving our experienced surveyors extra time and insight to identify and help rectify potential issues / complications before they manifest.

Designing the System:

Our In house team of Surveyors and Designer collaborate to design the ideal solution for your project. Our design team are BIM capable, and are compliant with the requirements set out in the CDM 2015 standards.

Combining knowledge and experience our design team are able to advise our customers on all available solutions, and will highlight the solution that best suits your project requirements. Our survey and design team are a key element to inform our the Pre-construction & Operations departments, working to ensure that all the elements of a project are clear & accurate, allowing for precise scheduling for a smooth project delivery on site.


Our experienced installation team, both office based and on-site, work closely in order to effectively execute the planned scope of works. Our long-established network of experienced and reliable site operatives, gives us the ability to deliver quality project solutions to sites nationwide. The broad range of skills and specialisms of our site teams results in a minimised risk of on-site complications, and any unforeseen events can be dealt with effectively, in order to minimise any delays or increased costs.

Overall KaydeeSayfa present a value driven solution for our clients, utilising decades of experience and hard earned industry connections to provide our customers with the best solutions for their projects. Across each core service KaydeeSayfa provides, is a team working hard to provide a successful, on-time, and on-budget solution that meets our One Standard.

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