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Royal Marsden - Oak Cancer Centre

The Royal Marsden is Europe's largest comprehensive cancer centre and is rated as one of the leading cancer centres in the world, delivering outstanding levels of patient care. The site consists of 4 blocks which contain systems that require annual inspection/testing.

Since 2021 KaydeeSayfa have been responsible for providing testing and training services on the wide variety of systems across the site. The Oak Cancer Centre features a diverse array of Height Safety & Height Access systems including Guardrail, Ladders, and Safety Line.

The ladders and handrail allow workers access across the roof top without the need for Fall Restraint or Arrest systems. The ladders are equipped with a Ladder Cage to provide additional protection for users. The site is also equipped with freestanding and fixed handrail situated on different roof structures. These types of systems are typically visually inspected for any damage or signs of deterioration. Our trained engineers will carry out the inspection on their visit and if all is well they will be recertified for another year.

In addition to Height Access systems the site which spans multiple roof tops also features Height Safety systems which serve as either Fall Arrest or Fall Restraint. Fall Restraint systems are designed to prevent a fall from occurring, typically by minimising the distance a user can get to an edge. Fall Arrest is designed to safely stop a user from falling further after a fall.

Where possible the systems would have been originally designed for Fall restraint, however in some cases they have needed to be for Fall Arrest. Safety Line Systems and other fall restraint systems, require a visual inspection and a pull test to ensure that the system is fit for purpose.

While all these systems are tested to ensure they are fit for purpose, proper training of users is fundamental to the safe use of these systems. If a user is not suitable educated in the safe use of the line systems, then they are at risk of suffering a fall from height. KaydeeSayfa have provided our Work at Height training session to the facility managers at the Oak Centre to ensure that their users are competent on the system.

The systems are tested annually inline with British Standards. It is the duty holders legal requirement to ensure that these systems are certified before they are used for access purposes. For more information regarding your requirements as a duty holder or to learn more about these systems and their testing get in touch with our team 01509 502 155 or


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