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Red Bull (National Sites) - "Height access with no need for Wiiings"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Since it's founding in 1984, Red Bull has become more than just an Energy drink. They have become a global brand recognised around the world as the largest promoter of extreme sports. Their portfolio includes sponsoring events such as Skydiving, Snowboarding, and cliff diving. However, even a company so used to living life to the extreme; appreciate the need for taking every precaution to keep people safe.

Since 2016, KaydeeSayfa have been providing height safety solutions for a number of Red Bull's UK sights. Initially brought in to provide height safety systems to bring newly purchased sights up to safe levels. KaydeeSayfa have since been performing regular compliance testing of the systems to ensure those performing cleaning and maintenance of the roof are kept safe. In addition to providing installation and remedial works on the systems, our team also provide system training to ensure the operatives who use the system are capable to do so safely and effectively.

Red Bull and KaydeeSayfa have both benefitted from a long term relationship which has ensured Red Bull is providing a safe means of carrying out work at height for it's operatives. The sites feature a variety of height safety & roof access systems such as; ladders, stairways, safety line, and walkways.

If you as a building / site owner or facility manager are unsure about your responsibilities as a duty holder. Get in contact with our team for an inspection and quote. or Contact Us


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