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Archive - Jaguar Land Rover "Safety at a pillar of British Manufacturing"

In 2013, Jaguar Land Rover were undertaking a major extension at their manufacturing facility at Halewood, Liverpool. The extension of their pressing facility would improve capacity and allow them to produce a wider variety of components on site.

KaydeeSayfa were brought in by a sub-contractor, acting on Jaguar Land Rover's behalf, to design and install the necessary height safety systems to enable safe access for workers. The systems, made up of Safety Line, Handrail and Walkways, will allow workers to navigate safely and carry out maintenance and cleaning without the risk of falling from height.

When working on the facility, there were a number of unique aspects that needed to be considered; for the KaydeeSayfa team to carry out their work safely. One such obstacle was that the manufacturing unit below was still active at a reduced level. As a major component of JLR's manufacturing output, the Halewood site is active 24hrs 365 days a year. As a result it was not possible for the site to shut down whilst work was being carried out. This was important to consider as the fitters were working above an active site and precautions needed to be taken to ensure the safety of workers above and below.

The installation was carried out with the utmost care and utilised a number of non-penetrative fittings to ensure minimal interference with those underneath and without any compromise to the roofs waterproofing.

The KaydeeSayfa team had been involved in every aspect of this project from design, sourcing, installation through to compliance testing. Our in-house retest team have since visited the site on multiple occasions to ensure the system is fit for use and also to carry out any remedial work that should be required.

With our +15 years of height safety installation and testing experience KaydeeSayfa can be relied upon to provide your project with the best all around solution for your project needs. If you would like to work with a package provider you can rely on, send us your project details or add KaydeeSayfa to your Supply Chain email us at or visit our Contact Us page.


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