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KaydeeSayfa Employee Spotlight

Updated: Jun 12

Over the past 35 years KaydeeSayfa has continued to grow and develop our team and services. Now our services are encompassing provider of Internal Shading, Height Safety Solutions, and Height Safety System Testing. We asked some of the team to discuss how they contribute to customer success.


Getting to work at the quotation stage of a project, puts me in a great position to understand how we can advise our customer on their project requirements. At this stage, we have the opportunity to maximise the value we can provide; either through our quotation or our multiple package offering. Speaking purely from an estimating perspective, we focus on getting the best price for the specified system and preparing a Value Engineered quote with alternative like-for-like systems. Our long established supplier relationships allow us to source any system at a competitive rate and then pass that value on to our customers.


As a Pre-construction Manager, when a project comes through to me I take the time to make sure that the project needs and what we are offering match up. Utilising my time as an estimator and designer, I can call upon industry experience and product knowledge to advise our teams on the viability of our solutions. My analysis is based on suppliers and project schedule ensuring that the systems that we quote are achievable within the established budget & timeframe. The Pre-construction process is perfectly placed to identify any supply or scheduling concerns before they manifest in to real problems. I am able to dig in to the drawings and spec, and signal ahead to the Ops team of any potential hurdles. Then allowing them to better manage and avoid/minimise delays or costs resulting from supply or schedule issues.


Operations for me is about bringing all the elements, which go in to delivering a project, and aligning them to deliver on the promise made to our customer. Our promise is successful project completion, that's our No.1 goal. We achieve this by equipping ourselves with the a great project team and quality suppliers. KaydeeSayfa being around for over 30 years, means we can call on decades of experience and long established supplier relationships to achieve our goal. Also, having a knowledgeable team ahead of us in the project process, gathering information and identifying any potential hurdles. Means we can start work on site knowing we are as prepared as can be for whatever is thrown at us.

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