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Emperor House London "Overcoming Challenges at London's Latest Gem"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Emperor House is a residential apartment building located on Vine Street in the city of London. A stand-out addition to the growing number of high end student accommodation, the Emperor House project will provide 654 student bed spaces across a 14-storey building.

The KaydeeSayfa team were brought on to the project by Balfour Beatty to survey, source, install and commission over 1000 individual systems consisting of chain & crank operated blinds. This project proved to be an exceptional logistical and practical challenge especially at the point of install. Fortunately due to the experience and forethought of our surveying & operations teams, the problems were able to be mitigated through careful planning & scheduling.

However, careful planning can only get you so far. The installation still proved to be a struggle with the fitter team needing to install into concrete with levelling light baffles throughout the office block. Additionally the project required the crank blinds to be secured onto sloping elevations without being able to mechanically fix into the curtain walling. These hurdles did not distract our teams from getting the job done. Anticipating these issues allowed our team to power through the installation with the necessary effort and labour time accounted for to ensure no wasted days or unplanned for visits.

The challenges faced on Vine Street were overcome due to the persistence and experience of our contracts team and their commitment to getting the job done. And getting it done right. If you would like to work with a package provider you can rely on to provide the ideal solution. Send us your project details or add KaydeeSayfa to your Supply Chain email us at or visit our Contact Us page.


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