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£1.3 Million Blinds Installation - One Central, Argyle Street

We have recently secured one of Glasgow's most exciting new office developments - One Central, Argyle Street. The 15 Storey Grade A office building will be home to JP Morgan's new European tech hub. Creating a premium working environment for around 3,000 workers with ancillary ground floor retail and restaurant facilities.

Located on one of the city’s busiest streets and neighbouring Glasgow Central Station, One Central Argyle Street will lend its design to the surrounding historic architecture and stand tall as a prime example of Multiplex’s ability to construct high rise buildings within challenging environments. Stuart Jackson, Project Director [Multiplex]

KaydeeSayfa were selected for this project as our team were considered to be one of the few specialist construction package providers capable of meeting the unique requirements for the Argyle Street Project. While the core packages for the project includes approx. 1500 window blinds and curtains. It's not a typical blinds and curtain installation, due to the architecture of the build, the shading systems need to be fitted directly to the building structure. In order to achieve the desired finish KaydeeSayfa have taken on design liability and the in-house design team are developing a bespoke fixing bracket.

Despite providing a single package solution for this specific project, KaydeeSayfa are using their combined knowledge and experienced from across our multiple packages to install the blind systems to the structural steelwork of the building. Utilising our range of specialist fitters and experienced technical designers, gave our clients confidence that KaydeeSayfa can deliver on these unique requirements for this iconic building. Keep checking back for more updates as the project progresses.


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