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Cathedral Street, Glasgow - "KaydeeSayfa vs The Scottish Weather"

Novel Bridle Works is a residential development located on Cathedral Street in Glasgow, Scotland. The building was originally a Bridleworks factory, which has now been converted into a modern apartment complex featuring 85 one and two-bedroom apartments.

KaydeeSayfa provided Façade access systems and height safety systems for the building including Abseil Rail, Abseil Posts, and safety line. The installation proved to be a challenge, with our operatives having to battle strong winds, narrow edges, and the Glaswegian weather.

In order to install the abseil rail around the viewing platform which jutted out over the building façade a cradle crane was required. This involved having operatives in the cage performing the installation and site team holding the cradle in place for the works to be carried out. On one occasion the team were installing the abseil rail from a crane cradle and high winds caused the cradle to rock causing our team to turn a little green and work to be called off till the winds settled.

In addition to the abseil rail the team installed a series of safety line systems to provide fall restraint and arrest solutions for keeping workers safe when accessing the abseil rail and carrying out general maintenance and cleaning on the building's roof.

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