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The Gantry London by Hilton - "Height Safety at the Hilton"

The Gantry London Curio by Hilton is a modern, boutique hotel located in Stratford, London. The hotel is situated in a vibrant and diverse area of the city, just a short walk from the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and the Westfield Stratford City shopping centre.

The KaydeeSayfa team were involved in the installation of the height safety systems across this development. The building includes two separate hotels, The Gantry by Hilton and Adagio Aparthotel. Across this complex there is an array of façade access, roof safety, and roof access systems. These systems are designed to work together to enable safe navigation of the building for workers carrying out cleaning and maintenance duties.

The stand out system, ironically, is the discreet design of the abseil rail. This solution provides two benefits firstly; a safe means of accessing the buildings façade for cleaning and maintenance and secondly; little to no distraction from the sleek and impressive design of the building.

A rail system works by establishing a secure track which, in the case of abseiling, runs along a building's edge to provide coverage for the required areas below. The user attaches a lanyard connected to their harness to the traveller secured within the rail. This allows the abseiler free movement, to roll along the rail carrying out their work without the need for dismounting and moving to a different system.

In addition to the Abseil rail, the building also features: Safety Line for fall restraint,. davit arms for further façade access and abseiling, and ladders for secure access to the roof.

Since the building was completed in 2020, the KaydeeSayfa compliance testing and training team have carried our routine testing on the systems of the building. These routine tests ensure that the building's dutyholders are upholding their responsibilities by ensuring that that the systems are suitable for use those carrying out work at height. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the testing or training involved with height safety systems get in touch with our team either by phone: +44 1509 502 155 or email at

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