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Adidas Warehouse - "Reaching the heights of Height Safety"

The Adidas Distribution Centre in Trafford, Manchester required a bespoke access solution and height safety solution for performing roof maintenance.

Credit: Steven Haslington:
Exterior of the Adidas Distribution centre, Trafford
"This was a very bespoke solution, with a number of obstacles to overcome. Despite these the systems were finished to a high standard." Sarah Pacey - Contracts Manager

The KaydeeSayfa team were approached in August 2022 by the primary contractor Ardmac to design, source, install, a height access and roof safety system for accessing the distribution centre's roof for maintenance work.

The initial hurdle was providing an access system from the inside of the centre's warehouse. Sayfa Systems (as it was then) set about designing a bespoke 18m ladder system for gaining access to the roof.

Once on the roof the user will then be able to attach to a safety line system and walk along a walkway. Creating a safe means of moving around the roof area for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

In addition to designing and installing the 18m caged ladder our team of fitters needed to install the steel work onto which the ladder was to be fitted. This required the use of a MEWP and a team of KaydeeSayfa engineers to install the steel structure across the buildings supports to provide a solid fixing area. This process required intense work from primarily the design and installation team to ensure the fittings had no effect on the overall structure of the building but still met the requirements for a safe means of access to the roof.

The dedication of our team to ensure that all the needs of the client were met and then exceeded is ingrained in how we provide a service at KaydeeSayfa. If you would like to work with a package provider you can rely on, send an enquiry or add KaydeeSayfa to your Supply Chain email us at or visit our Contact Us page.


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