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KaydeeSayfa 6 month Review - 2024

At the halfway mark for 2024, we look back on what the first 2 Quarters of the year have brought and how KaydeeSayfa has continued to evolve for the better. As we continue to develop and grow as the ideal provider of multiple trade packages for the construction industry.

Project Success

General Project Work

We have been instructed to provide our services on over 200 projects, so far this year. Consisting of both Height Safety Systems and Internal Shading solutions; these projects include medium & large scale residential developments, schools, universities, hospitals, and office blocks.

At the other end of the project timeline, our team has achieved project completion on over 70 projects during the first half of the year. Our teams have delivered successful Height Safety & Internal Shading solutions across the UK from Glasgow, to Pembrokeshire, London, and more. Utilising our expansive supply chain and long established supplier relationships allow us to provide solutions far and wide.

Featured Project - Argyle Street

One Central Argyle Street - Multiplex
One Central Argyle Street - Multiplex

Argyle Street was one of the major contributors to our success across 2023 and early 2024. Working with main contractor Multiplex, our team were responsible for surveying, sourcing, and installing +1750 roller blinds and +100 curtains across the project. The installation required bespoke fixing methods with custom blind boxes being designed inline with the customers requirements. Due to the complexity of the installation in, we employed a number of specialist trade subcontractors to support on the project. This presented a new challenge for our team but, through diligent management & a strong onsite presence, our experienced operations team achieved project delivery.

Retest Success

Our retest team continues to go from strength to strength, delivering quality system testing & training services across the UK. Our retest engineers have, so far, delivered +300 site visits, providing LOLER & 12 Month Inspections on a wide range of safety systems.

In addition to our on-site testing & training, the retest team have been working hard to educate and advise our customers on their responsibilities as duty holders. This year more than any in recent years, education is key. The mainstream roll out of BS7883:2019 is providing crucial improvements to the way height safety systems are maintained & tested. However, dutyholders still need to be made aware of their responsibilities under this new standard and our team are here to help.

Internal Processes

Modernised System

We have introduced a new ERP system which allows our team to carry out their works more efficiently, thereby streamlining our internal processing for more effective & accurate project delivery. Implementing a new system always comes with challenges but despite this our team managed to maintain composure and ensure we delivered for the customer.

Operational Structure

Our operations team has been restructured to improve the way we deliver our projects. With the introduction of some new key roles, we aim to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of our operations team.

Internal Project Lead

This role oversees the managing of the project delivery team & is responsible for communicating with customer teams. Introducing one point of contact for every project, simplifies the communication channels between our team and our customers. This prevents key information from being missed, and ensures that our contact has all the context when dealing with any site concerns or issues.

Head of Operations

The role of Head of Operations introduces as position of oversite across the operations team, ensuring effective management of all our project delivery team. The role creates a focal point for accountability and consistency which will drive our teams towards delivering projects to our One Standard.

One Standard

The one standard was introduced at the creation of KaydeeSayfa, back in January 2023, to put a title to the level of excellence we strive to deliver for our customers. 2024 has already seen tangible improvements made towards achieving our One Standard including:

  • The introduction of standardised messaging to reduce confusion

  • Feedback surveys to ensure continued improvement

  • Introducing procedure documents to ensure we always deliver to appropriately.

Throughout 2024 and beyond, we will continue to review and improve the way we operate. Ultimately working to do deliver on our One Standard.


For the first 2 Quarters of 2024 our teams have continued to provide competitive solutions for our customers project needs. As we progress passed the half way mark of 2024, our goals remain the same: Deliver for our customer to the One Standard.


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