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Specialist Construction Packages for apartments and high rise residential buildings.

Kaydee have experience across the full spectrum of residential projects. We've worked on luxury apartments and high rise residential buildings across the UK.

In each case our range of packages such as blinds package, height safety, internal and external shading offer important solutions for the project.


Most residential buildings will have a requirement for Blinds, Height Safety, Height Access and External Shading.

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Image by Harrison Moore

KaydeeSayfa are a proven sub-contractor with extensive experience in the sourcing, design and installation of specialist construction packages.

We're experts in delivering the specialist construction packages for apartments. Sourcing high quality products both locally and internationally using our reliable supply chain and delivering on time.

Get in touch with us to get a quote for your project, or add us to your supply chain.

We understand the needs and requirements of developers, architects and end users in apartments and high rise residential projects.

We source solutions that meet functional and visual requirements. The visual element being a key factor in showrooms - we offer maintenance and support packages to maintain the systems we install.

With over 35 years experience in delivering on construction projects.

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