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Fixing details for aluminium and GRP walkways


Walkways provide safe access across various roof types and surfaces. Walkways come in a number of materials such as GRP or Aluminium and provide a flat, level surface, which is slip resistant to allows users to follow a safe path across the roof.. 

Fixing methods and details may vary from product to product - The details below are indicative only, please get in touch to get accurate and up to date fixing details.

Walkway on Steel Deck 

Steel Deck Walkway.png

Walkway on Steel Deck with Steel Support

Steel Support Walkway.png

Raised Walkway on Steel Deck 

Steel Deck Raised Walkway.png

Rasied Walkway on Standing Seam

Standing Seam Rasied Walkway.png

The fixing details are indicative and vary product to product, our designers take into account equipment on the roof and building design to create a safe and compliant system.

To find out more get in touch with us - email us at

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